Consulting and Training

Are you planning a private trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon?  Do you want to trek the Himalayas with your lover?  Let us take away your headache! As well as handling all of the trip logistics, we can also provide you with a specific training regiment to get you ready for whatever your heart desires.


Are you unsure where you want to go? Are you not sure how far your budget will take you? Do you have questions about different travel options?
Our travel planning experts with help you design your dream travel itinerary, from the budgeting to the logistics. The full experience is always within reach.

Are you ready to conquer the tallest peaks and charge into adventure race competitions? Let us train you!
You will work with a personal trainer to develop a training system, complete with nutrition and physical fitness, to get you where you need to be. You will be in the shape you need to succeed-guaranteed!